What if you could enjoy a proven, powerful, done-for-you, stress-free launch for your newest program?

One that turns your perfectly-targeted prospects into willing buyers, without the copy confusion, the overwhelm of staring at a blinking cursor on a blank sales page, the crippling “what the heck do I do next” syndrome … or even having to write a single word… and you just watch your sign-ups roll in?

Or, let me rephrase that …

What if, while you were busy in your zone of genius creating your transformational program, you had powerful, customized assets for your launch delivered right to your inbox … that would continue to keep your PayPal pinging long after you invested in them? 

What if you had a sales page and email selling sequence that minimizes the one-on-one contact you need to make with customers (while retaining all of the intimacy) before they say “yes” with greater ease than ever before to your program?

Because the words on your sales page and in your emails speak directly to the pain points your customers are experiencing right now, helping them believe in a better future for themselves (with your expert help), so they don’t hesitate to punch in their credit card digits.

If you want to finally own a funnel that converts with confidence and ease
… and that doesn’t rely on “I can smell the B.S.” sales techniques or cookie-cutter templates...

Keep reading.

But first, I'm dropping a truth bomb...

Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of your most valuable potential customers enroll in someone else’s online program with the hopes of solving a big pain point, whether it’s easily losing 50 pounds for good or building their email list to 5,000 engaged subscribers and beyond.

  The question is: Are they enrolling in yours to achieve their transformation?  

And whether you’ve created an online course or have plans to create one in the near future, the success of your service, coaching or training business rests heavily on your answer to this question.  

But first, consider this…  

-----> With all the time, effort and emotional bandwidth you’ve invested in creating your online course or coaching program—giving up evenings, weekends and Married at First Sight binges—you deserve to get some of that attention.    

-----> You deserve to break out of the feast-or-famine launch cycle … imagine filling every spot on your program list, and confidently telling prospects that you’ll add them to your waitlist for your next launch.  

 -----> You deserve to feel like the rockstar expert of your domain, feeling ultra-sure that when you launch a new course or program—without coming close to emotional, physical or financial burnout—your ideal clients are already in the pipeline and can’t wait to enroll …  starting their transformation with you.    

If you knew for sure that you’re not converting as many qualified, ready-to-sign up people as you should, maybe it’s time for a different approach to your launch.

One that’s much easier, virtually stress-free and guaranteed to make you sales.

But here's what's holding you back...

 You know that to enjoy a wildly successful launch … one that’s got all the adrenaline of a roller coaster ride, without the sickening drop in your stomach as you scream your head off … you know, one with lots of enrollments and #programsgoingviral posts, you need …

… a comprehensive launch program guaranteeing a powerful introduction of your program to your list (and the world), so you start making bank from day one.

However, if you’ve been toying with the idea of DIYing your launch, tell me if any of these bite-size scenarios sound familiar …

After telling your fellow course creators in your Facebook groups, ”I just bought this AMAZING $37 kit with all the templates I need to craft my sales page and email sequence, and Imma over here blasting out my epic launch copy” ...

... you’ve actually spent the last four hours checking out the latest true crime series on Netflix.

(And you’ve got a raging case of #BlankPageSyndrome butting up against launch day.)

You’re dreamily staring at Upwork and wondering if your “unicorn” copywriter is out there, thinking of you at the same time.

You know, that rockstar wordsmith who spins lyrical gold via their keyboard, happens to be available right now, and is offering a stellar package deal on launch copy.

(And if you’ve been burned by subpar writers who ghost on deadline day, I feel you.)

After pouring hours, days, weeks and even months into creating your expert-level course, you realize that you need an actual launch plan … you need to send your list intuitive emails that lead to a sales page they can’t say no to, if you want them to enroll in your program. That gnat’s voice in the back of your mind agitates, “It’s not worth investing MORE into a course that you haven’t sold yet. There are $37 online templates you can buy and customize in a couple hours.”

(Yeah, except it’s really not that easy for baller copy. Despite what their sales pages tell you.)

So if you want to skyrocket your program enrollments, I have something for you…



A high-touch, high-impact, ready-to-load, conversion-optimized long-form sales page + 16-email sequence customized for your online course and customers.

Can you imagine?

It’s yours: a stress-free launch with proven-to-work emails and a sales page that sounds like how you talk and sell … without the overwhelm, late-night stress, the sleazy sales tactics … or you having to write a single word.

  Let’s see what some course creators have shared with me … 

-----> “I felt so calmly confident sharing my new program with the world, because I’m 150% sure my launch emails and sales page connect with my ideal clients and close the sale. I didn’t have those usual before-launch-day jitters. And I almost got up at 3 a.m.
to hit send on my launch!”  

-----> “I didn’t have the usual overwhelm of scrambling to figure out how, when and where I’d get my launch copy… from a $37 template or a budget copywriter who calls himself Sir Writes-a-Lot. My ‘in-my-voice’ emails and sales page copy arrived in my inbox ahead of deadline. Now, my launch funnel takes clients through an easy, pleasurable journey that shows them new possibilities for themselves. And the sales are piling up!”

 -----> “I didn’t think it was possible to find my own ‘ideal copywriter’ … but having a pro take the guesswork of not knowing what to say on my sales page or wondering why my emails aren’t converting readers into buyers … is next-level stuff. The emails and sales pages are otherworldly good.”  

If you knew for sure that you’re not converting as many qualified, ready-to-sign up people as you should, maybe it’s time for a different approach to your launch.

One that’s much easier, virtually stress-free and guaranteed to make you sales.

Because I can see your genius from here...

You’re an expert in your field, with a course or program that your clients love and benefit from every single day.

  You’ve got the experience, the expertise and the intuitive know-how to transform people’s lives.  

You’ve got big goals: Selling out your latest launch within a couple weeks. Selling your evergreen course on repeat. Hitting your first five- or six-figure launch.  

You’re a top-level entrepreneur who knows your worth and what you offer your clients. You also know that you don’t have the time to do all the things, and you shouldn’t.

You deserve to work with a rockstar copywriter and launch strategist who’s an expert in her field … and delivers awe-inducing long-form sales pages and emails, on time, every time, that will give your launch a big bottom-line boost.  

Here’s what you get inside
The Stress-Free, Done-for-You Launch Package
for Superstar Entrepreneurs.

The Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework questionnaire
so we get to know you, your company, your why, and exactly what you’re selling and how it transforms your ideal clients’ lives.  

A 60-to-90-minute discovery call for us to roll through a serious deep dive into your brand and your “voice,” your products, your why, and your 3-D ideal client avatar. (You’ll also receive a recording of this call.)  

Competitor analysis of your challengers’ sites and messaging so we can suss out the unequivocal reasons you’re the best advocate to solve your customers’ biggest concerns.  

Message mining from a variety of sources, including your current customers, past customer surveys, social media sites, YouTube, and other places where we can learn more about your ideal customer’s pain points, hopes, concerns and goals right from their mouths (hello, voice-of-customer data). We do this so we can message-match in your copy like total pros.  

A review of your program 
so I can write on-point copy for your emails and audience.  

A long-form sales page
crafted using a proven 15-part framework to move people through the sales process. We choose from three structures: the classic sales page (for brand-new offers); the proven offer sales page (if you’ve got lots of social proof, testimonials and results to showcase); or the game changer sales page (if your offer challenges the current way people do things but gets amazing results).  

A 4-email Segmentation and Confirmation Sequence
to kick off your launch campaign with our micro-conversion formula. We’ll ask your prospects to come on a journey with you by getting them excited about the outcome your solution offers, by saying “yes” to attending a webinar, watching a special video series or opting in to your launch list.    

A 2-email Prelaunch Sequence to move people past the limiting beliefs that tell them they can’t achieve the outcome you promise. We show them they can 100% achieve that transformation, and you become even more of a trusted expert.  

A 3-email Launch Sequence capitalizing on the great momentum we’ve built with our previous emails. With these three powerful emails, we’re going to present your amazing offer to your prospects and colorfully show them two different paths: The new-and-improved version of their life if they choose to move forward with you vs. the continuation (and worsening into a burning inferno) of the current problems they face if they opt out now.  

A 4-email Sales Sequence to reinforce all the points we’ve made in previous emails. We don’t dilute your messaging with new points or inject time urgency here (that’s for later). The main idea: Get your prospect to see themselves as your buyer, and then act by pushing that “I’m in!” button.  

A 4-email CLOSING EMAIL SEQUENCE where we walk undecided buyers through a series of steps to exclusively empower them to make the best possible decision for themselves.

 A 4-email CLOSING EMAIL SEQUENCE where we walk undecided buyers through a series of steps to exclusively empower them to make the best possible decision for themselves.

You'll receive six longer-form, belief-shifting posts that help your prospects see a different future for themselves. We emphasize your specific process, results and offer.

What makes the Stress-Free, Done-for-You Launch Package for Superstar Entrepreneurs different?

We view conversion copywriting as a wonderful alchemy of the art of storytelling melding with science and data. That’s why we use the Data-Backed Story Framework, an intuitive, data-driven approach for connecting deeply with your prospects and helping them improve their lives, while growing your bottom line fast. This is the sexy research portion that we do before crafting sales-inducing copy for your brand.  

That means we figure out exactly what makes your ideal customer tick, their pain points, the transformation they desire most and how your solution aligns from lots of research and hard information that we use as the basis of your sales page and emails. That way, we can write the non-salesey sales funnel in a way that shifts any limiting beliefs your prospect has, so she fully believes she can achieve the transformation you offer and can’t wait to enroll in your program.  

The truth: Money is rarely the reason people don’t sign up for your course. They don’t join you because they don’t believe they have the ability, the time or the skills to make that transformation possible. That’s where we come in. 

I want my Stress-Free, Done-for-You Launch
for Superstar Entrepreneurs!

Your Investment for Stress-Free,
Done-for-You Launch for Superstar Entrepreneurs?

Absurdly affordable. We priced this package so low, so you can easily (and eagerly) say “yes” to a stress-free, sales-happy launch. And remember, you won’t need to write a single word of your sales page or emails. That’s our jam and we love doing it!

  • The Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework 
  • A conversion-optimized, long-form sales page 
  • A client-focused 17-email sales sequnce 
  • A lead-gen opt-in page and thank you page
  • Six long-form organic social posts
  • Three rounds of revisions 

So, who's behind all this?

Hey, I'm Nicole Rollender.
I'm The Conversion Copy Alchemist … and I can’t wait to create your next stress-free, done-for-you launch.

When I’m not cruising the backroads of South Jersey's Pine Barrens in my classic fireball red Trans Am with a double espresso, I run STRAND Writing Services—a creative agency that leverages the power of interactive campaigns, sizzling conversion copy and inspired content so your competitors become invisible, your seekers crystallize into loyal-for-life buyers ... and you make more money.

My specialty: I write website copy, launch emails and sales pages for top online entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators and ecommerce brands.

My Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework is an intuitive, data-centered and proven method for connecting deeply with prospects and helping them transform their lives, while growing my clients' bottom line in a non-sleazy way.  

After earning my Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, I've spent the last 15 years writing professionally, winning more than 50 awards for my work as a magazine editor-in-chief, and teaching writing techniques at the corporate and college levels.  



Here's what some of my clients say about my alchemical writing skills.

"I’m a Life Coach for Moms who just built my first six-month hybrid coaching program and wanted to enroll my initial 10 clients. I needed a robust email funnel to power my launch so I could remain in my zone of genius and serve my clients to the highest level. Nicole's intuitive approach helped me feel at ease and trust the process from A-Z. Nicole took her time analyzing my content, my website, my voice, my target audience and needs and seamlessly fine-tuned my program’s marketing content and created a 3-D profile of my ideal client. She was fast, responsive and the knowledge she brought to the table was on point, accurate and mind-blowing (lots of lightbulbs went on the whole time). The final product was stellar: Nicole absorbed my voice, my vision and my passion in every single word of the content. She took my program’s launch to a whole new level that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I also loved the ongoing support throughout the launching journey. Nicole is there with you each step of the way, even dishing out easily implementable (but super powerful) ways to engage new people through the email funnel. It’s reassuring to have an expert in your corner as you're scaling and upleveling your business. I strongly recommend Nicole: If you’re looking at your program launch at a depth of 15, she sees 30. She saw opportunities I didn’t see and once she shed light on them, it opened so many doors."

Crystal V. Pizarro, CEO
The Life Coach for Moms

 "Smart, thoughtful and engaging marketing is a powerful brand and business growth lever. The problem? Good copy and messaging is hard to create—it’s an art form. Nicole has been our trusted adviser and partner when it comes to content creation, messaging and strategy. If you're seeking the best—look no further than Nicole." 

JP Hunt
Co-founder - InkSoft

"Nicole is an outstanding writer. She's a quick study—even on super tech-y details—while her poetic background gives her writing an efficiency and emotional depth that resonates with customers. Nicole's rare combination of an analytical mindset with big-picture, emotive-narrative capabilities makes her a perfect choice for high-impact content that stands out."

Helena Mutak
Director of Marketing - McGrory Glass

"If you Google Nicole, you'll learn about her multitude of awards and the many projects she has navigated to success, but behind the accolades is a person who’s passionate about the power of language and the potency of narrative. It is, after all, the storytellers we widely read and quote. Nicole is one of those highly skilled storytellers. She has a unique vision coupled with a vibrant intensity." 

Bobby Lehew
Chief Content Officer - commonsku

Got questions? I have answers.

Nope! We customize the funnel to your launch time frame, so that it works for a cart-open, cart-closed launch, or an offer that stays open all year round!

Book a 15-minute call with me so we can ensure that we’re a great match for your launch’s success. Here's the quick link to book that meeting: 

From the date of our discovery call, expect to see the first drafts of your sales page and email sequence lighting up your inbox within two to three weeks. We take on a very small number of elite clients, so we’re able to produce amazingly good content in very short timeframes.

We use proven “themeplates” and formulas for taking your customer on a logical journey toward helping them choose your solution if it’s right for them. We don’t use cookie-cutter, fill-in-the-blanks templates. Every sales page and email we create is unique to you.

That’s no problem at all! Since these funnels are custom to you, we can incorporate a webinar, an opt-in video series, or simply emails that ask people to opt into the launch sequence. No matter how we write it, it’ll be compelling.

Short answer: No. We produce custom, creative work for each client. However, your launch package comes with two sets of revisions, so you’ll be 100% satisfied with your final copy suite. 

You mean like social posts and blogs or a webinar opt-in landing page? We’ve got your back. If there are additional copy or content assets that you need, we’ll work those into the package for you.

I'm happy to do an audit of your current sales page or email sequence and give you a quote on a rewrite, refresh or restructure of the existing copy. Send me an email or set up a 15-minute call with me to discuss.

That's totally cool! That would be a custom quote, depending on the length of the sales page or the number of emails that you'll need. Send me an email or set up a 15-minute call with me to discuss.

Email me at or book your 15-minute call here and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Still not sure if The Stress-Free, Done-for-You Launch
for Superstar Entrepreneurs is for you? 

  This program is a perfect fit for you if … 

-----> You’re launching a new online program soon … and whether it’s your first or fifth course, you’ve got a gazillion things on your to-do list, and “writing the perfect sales page and email funnel" is just one of them. I can take this all-too-important-to-skimp-on portion or your launch off your plate, so you can focus on other stuff and maybe even take a much-deserved break.

-----> You’ve tried to write a sales page or email funnel in the past, but it didn’t quite go according to plan … whether you just didn’t know WHAT to write, in what order, or you just ran out of time (Ugh, Red Bulls at midnight aren’t cool). Or you paid someone else to do it, and the results were disappointing and lackluster.

 -----> You’re ready to revamp your current sales page or email funnel … whether you’ve tried your current assets and you think they can perform better, or your materials just need a gold-dusting after working for you for a few seasons.
If you knew for sure that you’re not converting as many qualified, ready-to-sign up people as you should, maybe it’s time for a different approach to your launch.

Want your very own Stress-Free,
Done-for-You Launch for Superstar Entrepreneurs?

Wondering how your life will look if you opt in? Here's what one of my client says: “Writing copy had become a time-consuming part of my job. I’d been hesitant to bring on creative consultants because in the past, the time it took to train and get them up to speed on projects and brand tone equated to the time it took me to do it myself. However, working with Nicole has been a game-changer. She hit the ground running ... she delivers quality work on deadline. I rarely have feedback because she usually nails exactly what I’m looking for the first time around. She’s not only made my job easier, but has helped me elevate the quality of everything she touches. Highly recommend!” 

  • The Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework
  • A conversion-optimized, long-form sales page  
  • A client-focused 17-email sales sequnce  
  • A lead-gen opt-in page and thank you page 
  • Six long-form organic social posts 
  • Three rounds of revisions