What if you could get slammin' new (or revamped) website copy, a welcome email sequence and a gorgeous lead-gen ebook quicker and easier (like within 10 working days), without writing a single word?

Website copy that turns your perfectly-targeted prospects into willing buyers, without the copy confusion, the overwhelm of staring at a blinking cursor on a blank Google Doc, the crippling “what the heck do I do next” curse… or even having to search for "the right writer" … and you just watch the hot leads and sales glide right in, because the website does the selling for you? (And when you add in a come-hither welcome email sequence and a get-me-results-now ebook, your buyers won't have eyes for anyone else.)

Or, let me rephrase that …

What if, while you were busy in your zone of genius, you had the most important pages of your website created and customized, and delivered right to your inbox within 10 working days  … pages that would continue sell for you, 
long after you invested in them? 

What if you had a website that minimizes the one-on-one contact you need to make with customers (while retaining all of the intimacy) before they say “yes” with greater ease than ever before to your solutions?

Because the words on your website speak directly to the pain points your customers are experiencing right now, helping them believe in a better future for themselves (with your expert help), so they don’t hesitate to take that next step with you.

If you want to finally own a website that converts with confidence and ease
… and that doesn’t rely on “I can smell the B.S.” sales techniques or cookie-cutter templates...

If you want to work your brand into their hearts and minds, so
they can't wait to take the next step with a proven five-email welcome sequence...

If you want give them a quick win to prove that your solution's what they've
been searching for through a beautifully designed ebook...

Keep reading.

But first, let's have a heart to heart...

Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of your most valuable potential customers enroll in someone else’s service or online program with the hopes of solving a big pain point, whether it’s changing their mindset to uplevel to six-figure months or building their email list to 5,000 engaged subscribers and beyond.

  The question is: Does your website stand up to the 15-second test?

That's how long a person will stay on your site before bouncing to your competitor's ... the reasons they leave you fast like smelly cheese include an unnattractive website design, a clunky experience and lackluster content. And whether you’ve just launched your business or have been around a while, the success of your service, coaching or training business rests heavily on your answer to this question.  

But first, consider this…  

-----> With all the time, effort and emotional bandwidth you’ve invested in building your online business, course or coaching program—giving up evenings, weekends and Twilight Zone binges—you deserve to get all of that 15 seconds and beyond.    

-----> You deserve to break out of the feast-or-famine selling or booking cycle … imagine filling every spot on your calendar, and confidently telling eager prospects that you’ll add them to your waitlist.  

 -----> You deserve to feel like the rockstar expert of your domain, feeling ultra-sure that when a prospect lands on your site, that they're thisclose to starting their transformation with you.    

If you knew for sure that your current website isn't converting as many qualified, ready-to-sign up people as you should, maybe it’s time for a different approach.

One that’s much easier, virtually stress-free and guaranteed to make you sales.

But here's what's holding you back...

 You know that to wow prospects into continuing to scroll past your home page headline … one that hooks them right away since it speaks to exactly what's on their mind … and into your about page, then your solutions, and then booking a slot on your calendar or hitting "buy", you need …

… the five most powerful pages on your site written and optimized to speak directly to your prospects and make them feel like you're eavesdropping in their brain, so you clearly become their frontrunner solutions provider ... and you start making bank from day one.

However, if you’ve been toying with the idea of DIYing your website (or have already done that), tell me if you've said any of these things to yourself, in a Facebook group or to your mentor …

“I hate writing about my own business. It’s kind of uncomfortable, like scratching the middle of my back.”

 “I’m a much better empowerment coach (or French chef or salsa instructor) than a writer.”  

 “It takes me literal months, like hundreds of days, thousands of hours, tens of thousands of minutes to get my 

marketing writing done.”  

Look, we see a lot of entrepreneurs struggling to write good copy. Either they hate doing it, they’re terrible at it or it just takes them months to get it done.  

And even if you decide to hire out your website copy, the truth is marketing agencies or writers typically charge just south of five figures and take four to six weeks to turn it around.    

In my (not-so-humble) opinion, that’s a big investment and a very long time—nobody should be waiting a month (or more) to generate new sales through their website. Just no.

So if you want to skyrocket your bookings and sales, I have something
for you…



High-touch, high-impact, ready-to-load, conversion-optimized copy for 5 key pages on your website.
It’s everything you need to get your website copy done and launched—fast.

Let's have some real talk, OK?

Does your website:  

-----> Produce quality educational content that introduces buyers to your brand in the best way possible?  
-----> Take buyers on an enjoyable journey, ending in an easy sale? Or do prospects take a 10-second look and click over to the next provider on their Google search list?  
----->Turn browsers into red-hot qualified leads, or attract piranhas just looking for freebies?
-----> Inspire sales even when you’re sleeping (or on vacation)?  
-----> Connect with prospective customers with sizzling copy that gets to the heart of their problem, and gives them a can’t-resist-it solution?  
If you answered NO to any of these questions, you should get some website alchemy!  

 In 5 short days, you’ll be the proud owner of a website that wows your prospects and turns 
them into take-my-money-now customers.  

You’ll have all the essential pieces of a drool-worthy, conversion-focused, personality-rich website that gives YOUR brand a giant dollop of personality and panache.

    All within a few blink-and-you’re-done days. No more spinning in circles trying to master storytelling to convey your “why” in an interesting, impactful, leave ‘em wanting more way. 

Whether you just don’t have the time or know exactly how to drill down into your brand to write web copy that sells, we’ve got your back.  

Stop overthinking the most important pages on your website … and let us help you talk directly to your customers:  
-----> so they buy from you on repeat.  
-----> so they refer you to others, and your network of influence grows.  
-----> so you can focus more of your time on growing your brand.  
-----> so you can spend more time rejuvenating with your family and friends.  

Let’s tell your story clearly and compellingly. Let’s show your ideal customers that you understand their personal and professional pain points, and you have just the solution for them.

Can you imagine?

Our quick-turn website package is a favorite with entrepreneurs, thought leaders, coaches, consultants and speakers. Within a week, we give you powerful copy that melds connection, conversion and creativity so your digital presence inspires confidence and lots more sales. Think of this brand revamp (aka, your website) as a highly caffeinated sales and marketing team.

Even better, it's a stress-free process where you wake up to fresh copy in your inbox that sounds like how you talk and sell, without the overwhelm, late-night stress, the sleazy sales tactics ... or you having to write a single word.

  Let’s see what some entrepreneurs have shared with me … 

-----> “I felt so confident pushing my website live with this new copy. From the home page headline to the about page to my packages, the site is 100% my voice and brand. I couldn't wait to email my list and hop on social media to share my new site. And people are telling me they want to book calls to learn more!”  

-----> “I didn’t have the usual scrambling to figure out how, when and where I’d get my copy… from a $17 template or a budget copywriter who calls herself 'Your Unicorn With a Keyboard.' My ‘in-my-voice’ web copy arrived in my inbox a week after our discovery call. Now, my website takes prospect through an easy, pleasurable journey that shows them new possibilities for themselves. And the sales are piling up!”

 -----> “I didn’t think it was possible to find my own ‘ideal copywriter’ … but having a pro take the guesswork of not knowing what to say on my website's home page or wondering why my packages aren’t converting readers into buyers … is next-level stuff. The copy is so much more amazing than I expected. And it sounds like I wrote it.”  

If you knew for sure that your website isn't converting as many qualified, ready-to-sign up people as you should, maybe it’s time for a different approach.

One that’s much easier, virtually stress-free and guaranteed to make you sales.

Because I can see your expert status from here...

I want to work with you if you're a ...
-----> coach who knows you deserve a bigger piece of the $1 billion booming personal/professional coaching industry.
-----> service provider or expert running a service-based business—who wants to uplevel your brand and website with personality-rich, high-conversion copy.
-----> busy entrepreneur who hates writing copy, has been procrastinating for years OR just simply doesn't have the time to do it.

If you’re willing to invest in your growth (to get 10X ROI from your website easily!) and ...
-----> know you should never wait more than a week for come-hither website copy
-----> are over getting "meh" drafts from less experienced writers who don't get your brand or buyers
-----> don't like writing or don't have time for #BlankPageSyndrome
-----> want to hire a proven expert who'll deliver copy that dazzles and delights you
-----> don't want to sound like you ripped off your top 10 competitors' website copy
-----> want to create on-fire FOMO and easier-than-ever-before sales …

It's time. You deserve to work with a rockstar copywriter and website strategist who’s an expert in her field … and delivers awe-inducing copy, on time, every time, that will give your business a big bottom-line boost.  

Here’s what you get inside
Website Copy Alchemy
for Online Entrepreneurs.

The Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework questionnaire
so we get to know you, your company, your why, and exactly what you’re selling and how it transforms your ideal clients’ lives.  

A 60-minute discovery call for us to roll through a serious deep dive into your brand and your “voice,” your products, your why, and your 3-D ideal client avatar. (You’ll also receive a recording of this call.)  

Competitor analysis of your challengers’ sites and messaging so we can suss out the unequivocal reasons you’re the best advocate to solve your customers’ biggest concerns.  

Message mining from a variety of sources, including your current customers (yes, we talk to them to get valuablle "voice-of-customer data), past customer surveys, social media sites, YouTube, and other places where we can learn more about your ideal customer’s pain points, hopes, concerns and goals right from their mouths (hello, voice-of-customer data). We do this so we can message-match in your copy like total pros.  

A review of your packages or program 
so I can write on-point copy for your audience.  

The idea of this package is to get you set up with high-quality content for the most important (and impactful pages) of your website—as quickly as possible.

Here’s an insider secret … You don’t need a bloated website that's bursting uncomfortably with tons of content ... in fact, that often signals you're not super-clear on your own messaging.    

A carefully crafted 5-page (or section) site can open the floodgates to the leads and sales you’ve been dreaming of … along with a tip-packed blog that makes you authoritative, yet approachable.  

That's why we create conversion-optimized, persuasive and engaging website copy for 5 key pages ...  

Home: This is short, but hard-hitting copy. I’ll give you several choices for headlines and subheadlines, and powerful opener messaging, along with the CTA that will shortcut your prospects to your solution.

About: This is where we tell your brand story and your “why.” This is a uniquely creative space on your site and I’ll choose from four proven frameworks to decide which one works best for your brand. This is where you shine, swagger, sing and strut. This is where your prospects get to know, like and trust you.

Services, Packages or Products: I'm a pro at reviewing your services and packages and crafting them into can't-say-no solutions.

FAQs: If you're not maximizing this space, it's time to do it. Here we answer all of the lingering questions that your prospects have before taking action. We also weave your brand panache and voice into this copy, so this is another touchpoint for your customers to get to know, like and trust you.

Contact: In the past, you may have considered this space just for prospects to fill in their contact deets or to book a call with you. We're going to supercharge this section with more come-hither copy and a CTA they can't pass up.

Testimonials: We'll review and refresh your current testimonials to reflect what prospects what to hear about working with you from other happy customers. We can also create testimonials from customers that we speak to for the "voice-of-customer" interviews.


When your prospect opts in to your email list (or you have permission to add them), they start receiving a powerful 12-email indoctrination series that introduces them to your brand and how you can solve their problems, in a way that's different from all of your competitors.

We'll write a lead magnet that offers actionable solutions to part of our client problems. They get a quick win, and experience what it's like to work with you. Plus: We'll design the ebook in a downloadable PDF ebook that reflects your brand's voice and guide. Easy! Ready to start sharing with prospects stat. 

So, you want to know how
Website Copy Alchemy
for Online Entrepreneurs works?

Step 0: Fill out our Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework Questionnaire.

Step 1: We’ll meet for a 60-minute call at the start of our Website Copy Alchemy project. I’ll gather all the information I need about your genius, personality, clients, pricing and more. After our chat, I’ll don my research hat and synthesize the information you’ve shared with my own research. I’ll create a quick document that drills down into your 3-D customer avatar, their main concerns and the points we’ll hit in the copy to make those conversions.  

Step 2:  Give me feedback (over email) about the initial copy I create for you. It’s as simple as saying “yes” to this and “no” to that.

Step 3: I start writing. I’ll share a section of the copy with you to get your OK that the voice, tone and messaging is what you expect. Then, I keep writing. I write quickly. I write well. (And I’m used to clients telling me that the copy is exactly what they were hoping for, so I have no doubt you'll be delighted.)  

Step 4: I’ll share the copy with you in an editable Google Doc and send you a Loom video link briefly explaining my approach. We’ll get on a call and you can give me your feedback live.  

Step 5: I’ll make your revisions and deliver the final copy back to you. We'll also pop your lead magnet copy into an on-brand ebook format. It's really that easy. Once you say "yes" to your website and email transformation, you take the day off, work on other business-growth activities or take a swim.  

We'll be getting hyper-clear on your vision, mission and offerings ... and how to talk to your customers (like you’re old friends sharing a cup of joe or hot chocolate) … because you understand their pain points and can’t wait to help them with your signature solutions.  

And we'll be alchemizing some damn good website, email and lead magnet copy for you. It's not unusual for us to get responses like, "Are you effing kidding me?! This is amazing" or "You literally nailed it. This is my brand. No changes" from delighted clients on the regular.

What makes Website Copy Alchemy different?

We view conversion copywriting as a wonderful alchemy of the art of storytelling melding with science and data. That’s why we use the Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework, an intuitive, data-driven approach for connecting deeply with your prospects and helping them improve their lives, while growing your bottom line fast. This is the sexy research portion that we do before crafting sales-inducing copy for your brand.  

That means we figure out exactly what makes your ideal customer tick, their pain points, the transformation they desire most and how your solution aligns from lots of research and hard information that we use as the basis of your website copy and emails. That way, we can write the non-salesey funnel in a way that shifts any limiting beliefs your prospect has, so she fully believes she can achieve the transformation you offer and can’t wait to buy from you or enroll in your program.  

The truth: Money is rarely the reason people don’t sign up for your services or solutions.

They don’t join because they don’t believe they have the ability, the time or the skills to make that transformation possible. That’s where we come in. 

I want my Website Copy Alchemy!

Your Investment for Website Copy Alchemy?

Absurdly affordable. We priced this package so you can easily (and eagerly) say “yes” to a new stress-free, sales-happy site, with a welcome email series and lead magnet that converts your prospects with ease. And remember, you won’t need to write a single word of your most important and impactful website pages, email sequence or lead magnet. That’s our jam and we love doing it!

  • The Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework
  • Conversion-optimized, persuasive and engaging website copy for 5 key pages—Home, About, Packages + Services, FAQs and Contact
  • 12-email Welcome Email Sequence 
  • Designed lead-magnet ebook 
  • Three rounds of revisions

So, who's behind all this?

Hey, I'm Nicole Rollender.
I'm The Conversion Copy Alchemist … and I can’t wait to create your website copy, so it's stress-free and done-for-you.

When I’m not cruising the backroads of South Jersey's Pine Barrens in my classic fireball red Trans Am with a double espresso, I run STRAND Writing Services—a creative agency that leverages the power of interactive campaigns, sizzling conversion copy and inspired content so your competitors become invisible, your seekers crystallize into loyal-for-life buyers ... and you make more money.

My specialty: I write website copy, launch emails and sales pages for top online entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators and ecommerce brands.

My Converstion Copy Alchemy Framework is an intuitive, data-centered and proven method for connecting deeply with prospects and helping them transform their lives, while growing my clients' bottom line in a non-sleazy way.  

After earning my Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing, I've spent the last 15 years writing professionally, winning more than 50 awards for my work as a marketing and media pro, and teaching writing techniques at the corporate and college levels.  



Here's what some of my clients say about my alchemical writing skills.


 "Smart, thoughtful and engaging marketing is a powerful brand and business growth lever. The problem? Good copy and messaging is hard to create—it’s an art form. Nicole has been our trusted adviser and partner when it comes to content creation, messaging and strategy. If you're seeking the best—look no further than Nicole." 

JP Hunt
Co-founder - InkSoft


 “When I started an aggressive rebranding of my business, I hired Nicole to help rewrite my website copy and get a fresh pair of eyes on my marketing materials. As a content marketing writer myself, I know how important a company's online image is—but when it's *your* business, it's easy to get too attached to certain things. I shared my goals, values, and long-term vision for my business with Nicole on a short phone call. Then, she wrote copy that’s true to who I am, captured my voice and mission, and made me sound confident, but not cocky. I recommend her with the highest accolades!”

Davina van Buren
Hospitality and Restaurant Technology Writer

As a thought leader and keynote speaker in the personal development space, I wanted my unique experience as the original Phillie Phanatic mascot and my theory on using The Power of Fun to make me the indisputable choice for corporate events. Nicole did a deep dive into understanding my messaging, audience and competitors, and wrote revitalized copy that repositioned me as a top speaker in my space. The best part? Now my website has the copy that I know other speakers wish they had on theirs. The voice is fresh, engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable, all aspects of my brand personality.”  

Dave Raymond
Founder of Power of Fun and International Keynote Speaker

Got questions? I have answers.

Book a 15-minute call with me so we can ensure that we’re a great match for your website’s success. Here's the quick link to book that meeting: 

From the date of our discovery call, expect to see the first drafts of your website copy lighting up your inbox within about 10 working days. We take on a very small number of elite clients, so I produce amazingly good content in very short timeframes.

Not a problem! We can easily customized the type of pages we deliver to you within this same package and pricing.

We use proven “themeplates” and formulas for taking your customer on a logical journey toward helping them choose your solution if it’s right for them on your website and via your emails. We don’t use cookie-cutter, fill-in-the-blanks templates. Every website copy suite we create is unique to you.

I'm a natural born pro-level writer, and I stay in my lane. So all I provide is copy. However, I do have a great network and am happy to refer you to a website designer.

Short answer: No. We produce custom, creative work for each client. However, your website package comes with two sets of revisions, so you’ll be 100% satisfied with your final copy suite. 

You mean like blogs or a webinar opt-in landing page? We’ve got your back. If there are additional copy or content assets that you need, we’ll work those into the package for you.

For example, people often ask for:
ROI-crunching authority content: Stand out like the superstar you are with 5 custom-crafted, authority-building 750-word blog crafted with your audience needs and marketing goals.
Worth-1,000-words photos: 8 socially shareable, copyright-free, custom created photos for your blog posts.  
Grab-and-go social: Five social media updates to promote your revamped brand image.

I'm happy to do an audit of your current website and give you a quote on a refresh or restructure of the existing copy. Send me an email or set up a 15-minute call with me to discuss. Please note: Rewriting your existing copy doesn't qualify as a refresh.

Email me at or book your 15-minute call here and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Still not sure if Website Copy Alchemy is for you? 

  This high-touch, high-impact service is a perfect fit for you if … 

-----> You’re launching a new online program or service soon … and you’ve got a gazillion things on your to-do list, and “writing the perfect website copy to wow new prospects" is just one of them. I can take this all-too-important-to-skimp-on task off your plate, so you can focus on other stuff and maybe even take a much-deserved break.

-----> You’ve tried to write your website copy in the past, but it didn’t quite go according to plan … whether you just didn’t know WHAT to write, in what order, or you just ran out of time (Ugh, espresso shots at 3 am aren’t cool). Or you paid someone else to do it, and the results were disappointing and lackluster.

 -----> You’re ready to revamp your website … whether you’ve tried your current assets and you think they can perform better, or your materials just need an expert refresh after working for you for a few years.

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, speaker or small business owner who hasn’t had the time to bring your brand copy and content into perfect alignment with your high-service products and offerings … Website Copy Alchemy is made for you … if you’re brand-new, scaling or just need a refresh. 

Want your very own Website Copy Alchemy for Online Entrepreneurs?

Wondering how your life will look if you opt in? Here's what one of my client says: “Writing copy had become a time-consuming part of my job. I’d been hesitant to bring on creative consultants because in the past, the time it took to train and get them up to speed on projects and brand tone equated to the time it took me to do it myself. However, working with Nicole has been a game-changer. She hit the ground running ... she delivers quality work on deadline. I rarely have feedback because she usually nails exactly what I’m looking for the first time around. She’s not only made my job easier, but has helped me elevate the quality of everything she touches. Highly recommend!” 

  • The Conversion Copy Alchemy Framework 
  • Conversion-optimized, persuasive and engaging website copy for 5 key pages—Home, About, Packages + Services, FAQs and Contact
  • 12-email Welcome Email Sequence
  • Designed lead-magnet ebook
  • Three rounds of revisions