Ready for customers who can’t wait to open your emails and buy from you... without spending tons of time and energy figuring out how to write emails that convert?

If you’ve tried sending out random emails on an inconsistent schedule… and it didn’t work… Those days are finally over. It's time for you to have your email copy locked and loaded, so you can connect with your buyers now... and inspire them to buy without hesitation.


The truth is: Most busy entrepreneurs and marketing professionals try to write their own emails, but never forge that enviable connection with their list... because they don't have the time or expertise to create the right messaging and email copy to connect with their customers.

Look, you want people to literally await your emails in their inbox,
but instead you get a flurry of unsubscribes every time you hit send... That's because you keep trying what simply "doesn't work."


You try writing your emails yourself... using templates... and send them to your list, hoping they convert... and get a bunch of unsubscribes and no buys.


You try sending out emails when you have time, on an inconsistent schedule... and you get a bunch of unsubscribes and again, no buys.


You try hiring a "cheap" copywriter who promised "the whole shebang" (what does that even mean?), but didn't deliver the goods... and you end up feeling deflated that you've spent marketing dollars on emails that just... don't read well... or just don't sound like you.

And what's worse is, if you don't fix your "email problem" now, the list you do have will keep dwindling and any new subscribers won't take action and will likely unsubscribe...

But what if I told you we could turn up
the volume on your emails fast? 
Introducing Email Alchemy... 

Enjoy stress-free ease as you set up your welcome sequence, your course launch sales emails or your bimonthly emails, because they're already written and ready to go.... and stay in touch regularly with your email list so they grow to know, like, love and trust you, as the only solution for their particular problem.

Go from getting a single-digit open rate and no takers on your red-hot offers to an eager list of fans who can't wait to open your newest emails and take advantage of your latest products, services or offers, because they know you truly understand their biggest problems and their loftiest goals.

Experience way less agita since you're not spending precious time and energy trying to write your emails yourself or searching for an excellent copywriter who'll deliver emails in your brand voice, on time and on budget... and watch your email list become a red-hot selling engine that produces results every time you send a message to your prospects and customers.

It's Time to Try Email Alchemy!

We'll prescribe the right email concoction you need, whether it's a slamming welcome series, email funnels that sell for you 24/7, or a hard-hitting email parade. Then, we'll create on-point messaging and write your emails for you, for a fraction of the price you'd pay a marketing agency.  

Before you exclaim, "That’s impossible!”... hear me out.
Through our unique Conversion Copy Alchemy methodology, we work to quickly uncover the conversation that's already happening in your prospect's mind... their current struggles and loftiest goals... then we write the exact email copy that resonates with them... so they take action quickly when they read your emails.

"So what kind of emails can I get?"
Well, that's the beauty of Email Alchemy.

We create the exact sequences you need to connect with your list and achieve your marketing or sales goals.


These friendly sequences introduce new subscribers to your brand and build a relationship with them. They typically include a series of emails that provide information about your brand, products or services, and values. We inject lots of personality and special offers!


Keep your subscribers engaged with your brand over time. We typically create a series of emails that provide valuable content, such as blog posts, case studies, or tips and tricks, to help your subscribers solve their problems. You can schedule two per month, and not worry about forgetting to send an email out!


Designed to persuade subscribers to make a purchase, our persuasive sales series of emails provide information about the benefits of the product or service, social proof in the form of customer testimonials, and a strong call-to-action. We've created 17-email sales sequences for coaches launching a new program, to four emails for an evergreen keto diet plan. We tailor the sequence to your product and audience!


Did they forget a hoodie or a course in their online cart? These short, but hard-hitting sequences are designed to remind people who've abandoned their shopping carts to complete their purchase. They typically include a series of emails that provide a nudge to the subscriber to complete their purchase, such as offering a discount or highlighting the benefits of the product.


These powerful sequences are work to win back subscribers who've become inactive. They typically include a series of emails that provide incentives for the subscriber to re-engage, such as offering a discount or highlighting new products or services.


Designed to persuade your existing customers to upgrade to a more expensive product or service, our upsell sequences  typically include a series of emails that highlight the benefits of your upgraded product or service and provide a strong call to action.

"Email marketing is very effective, but you need creative content. As a business owner, I wear many hats and creating my email copy was always getting put on the back burner. Nicole Rollender's writing style is modern and conversational, which is the direction I wanted for my emails. I was reluctant to outsource my email content because I needed someone who understood the promotional products industry and my audience. Nicole created 24 emails with well-written and interesting copy that my audience enjoyed reading. The process took less than a month. Nicole made the process very easy and truly listened to the feedback I shared to incorporate 'my voice' into her writing. Loved the interactive nature of getting the right subjects and tone for my email copy!"

Linda Milano

President, CFB Promotional Products

Yes, I'm ready for some Email Alchemy!

So what happens when you sign on for
Email Alchemy?

You'll get everything you need to quickly engage your email list!
This package includes:  
• The Conversion Copy Alchemy Questionnaire, so I can understand your brand positioning, audience and  goals.
• A 45-minute deep-dive meeting into your brand, so that I'm primed for research and writing.
• Your email sequence(s), complete with subject line/preheader options presented in a Google Doc with an overview video.
• A 30-minute follow-up call with me to answer any questions you have so you're ready to improve your site fast with action items +a clear copy directions
• Two rounds of revisions so you're 100% satisfied with your emails.

Step One

Right after you hire us, you'll receive a Conversion Copy Alchemy questionnaire to fill out. This will help me to understand your brand positioning, ideal client avatars, and marketing and sales goals. We'll also prescribe the types of emails or sequences you need to achieve your specific goals.

Step Two

We'll hop on a 45-minute call to review your current branding, messaging and overall goals to prime me for researching, ideation and writing.

Step Three

Next, I do a deep dive into your brand and your messaging to match what's in your prospects' minds. I even review what your competitors are doing well. You can relax knowing that I'm tweaking your messaging and getting ready to write compelling emails, complete with ready-to-use subject lines and preheaders.

Step Four

I'll write your email sequences and present them to you in a Google Doc, with a clear video overview so you know exactly what I've delivered. After you watch the video, we'll hop on a 15-minute call to discuss any implementation questions you have, so that you leave ready and confident to send your emails to your list!

Hey, I'm Nicole Rollender. I'm The Conversion Copy Alchemist … and I can’t wait to write your email copy, so it's stress-free for you!

When you invest in Email Alchemy, you don’t just get on-brand emails your customers can't wait to open... You also get the best of ME.

Email Alchemy is done-for-you messaging and copy creation by me so you can focus on your zone of genius... It’s unlike other DFY copy because we create your on-brand messaging based on our unique research methodology and write 100% custom emails that will connect with your target audience.

I'm personally invested in your success because I know what it's like to not have enough time to write regular emails to your list, or even find time to create a compelling website sequence, let alone write an email sequence for a new product or service launch...

I’ve got more than 15 years of experience helping entrepreneurs like you to perfect their copy.

I'm a publishing executive-turned-conversion copywriter, who's won more than 50 awards for writing excellence and outstanding media strategy. I also earned my MFA in creative writing, which helps me really get inside your ideal customer's mind.

I know the ups and downs you're facing, and I’ve incorporated my years of expertise and being a successful writer into Email Alchemy. When you sign up, you'll get my laser focus on your email project, so you get on-brand, flawless copy way faster than you expect.

Here's what some of my clients say about my alchemical writing skills.

"Smart, thoughtful and engaging marketing is a powerful brand and business growth lever. The problem? Good copy and messaging is hard to create—it’s an art form. Nicole has been our trusted adviser and partner when it comes to content creation, messaging and strategy. If you're seeking the best—look no further than Nicole."

JP Hunt
Co-founder - InkSoft

 “When I started an aggressive rebranding of my business, I hired Nicole to help rewrite my website copy and get a fresh pair of eyes on my marketing materials. As a content marketing writer myself, I know how important a company's online image is—but when it's *your* business, it's easy to get too attached to certain things. I shared my goals, values, and long-term vision for my business with Nicole on a short phone call. Then, she wrote copy that’s true to who I am, captured my voice and mission, and made me sound confident, but not cocky. I recommend her with the highest accolades!”

Davina van Buren
Hospitality and Restaurant Technology Writer

"I just built my first six-month hybrid coaching program and needed a robust email funnel to power my launch so I could remain in my zone of genius. Nicole was fast, responsive and the knowledge she brought to the table was on point, accurate and mind-blowing (lots of lightbulbs went on the whole time). The final product was stellar: Nicole absorbed my voice, my vision and my passion in every word of the content. She took my program’s launch to a whole new level. I strongly recommend Nicole: If you’re looking at your program launch at a depth of 15, she sees 30."

Crystal V. Pizarro
MA, LPC, NCC, CHLC, CCATP The Life Coach for Moms

Ready to breathe new life into your email list
with Email Alchemy?

If you’re ready to... ignite your marketing and sales with emails that speak right to your prospects' hearts and minds, using relatable stories and showing that you truly understand their pain points and goals,

If you’re ready to... make quick-turn, high-impact changes to your email strategy immediately,

If you’re ready to... finally get an ROI on your formerly languishing email strategy,

Then I warmly welcome you to invest in Email Alchemy and transform how your emails speak to your ideal buyers.

So what's stopping you? 

Even if... you think you don't have the time or effort or one more line on your to-do list to work on your email strategy yet again,

Even if... it seems hard to believe that making a few tweaks on your existing email plan can give it a whole new image and face,

Even if...  "other" writers or marketing agencies haven't given you the unicorn "emails" that you need, Email Alchemy will show you it's possible.

In fact, we’ve helped many others who were exactly like you to pump up the power of existing emails by making a few strategic changes.

This is because we've based the methodology behind Email Alchemy on years of building effective email sequences that get noticed and make sales.

So what are you waiting for? 

Got questions? I have answers.

Want your very own Email Alchemy?

Wondering how your life will look if you opt in? Here's what one of my client says:  

“Nicole is the consummate professional. Consistent, reliable and dedicated. There are few people I trust to help us craft and shape our writing because it’s a key part of our brand. But we trust her and she’s always hit the mark.”
Rory Vaden, Co-Founder, Brand Builders, and Speaker and Best-Selling New York Times Author  

Your investment starts at

  • The Conversion Copy Alchemy Questionnaire, so I can understand your brand positioning, audience and goals.
  • A 45-minute deep-dive meeting into your brand, so that I'm primed for research and writing.
  • A transcript of the video so you can easily refer back to the recommendations
  • Your email sequence(s), complete with subject line/preheader options presented in a Google Doc with an overview video.
  • A 30-minute follow-up call with me to answer any questions you have so you're ready to improve your site fast with action items +a clear copy directions
  • Two rounds of revisions so you're 100% satisfied with your emails.

This depends! We're unable to guarantee results for legal reasons, since we can’t predict how warm or cold or large or small your current email list is. I can say this though: We’ve helped many brands and entrepreneurs uplevel their email game, resulting in more brand awareness, more leads and more sales. (You can read some of these success stories on this page.) We customize your email sequence(s) specifically to you, so if you decide to implement our recommendations, you'll be much closer to achieving your goals. 

Well, everything we create for our clients at STRAND Writing Services is custom... so you can be sure you're getting exactly what you need to meet your brand's unique marketing and sales goals. That's why we set a starting price, and will provide you with a quote before you sign off on anything. We're happy to work with your budget, so don't be shy about telling us your comfortable price range.

We've created Email Alchemy to be as plug-and-play as possible. Once you receive your email subject lines, preheaders and body copy, you should be able to simply send them to your list from your email, or easily schedule them in the email tool you use. 

At STRAND Writing Services, we pride ourselves in providing the best support possible for all our clients.If you need support at any point, email us with your questions at We're just an email away, and you'll hear from us quickly. 

I'm a natural born pro-level writer, and I stay in my lane. So all I provide is copy. However, I do have a great network and am happy to refer you to a designer.

You'll get everything you need to quickly engage your email list!
This package includes:  
• The Conversion Copy Alchemy Questionnaire, so I can understand your brand positioning, audience and  goals.
• A 45-minute deep dive meeting into your brand, so that I'm primed for research and writing.
• Your email sequence(s), complete with subject line/preheader options presented in a Google Doc with an overview video.
• A 30-minute follow-up call with me to answer any questions you have so you're ready to improve your site fast with action items +a clear copy directions
• Two rounds of revisions,so you're 100% satisfied with your emails.

Email me at or book your 15-minute call here and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.